Majuphal is formed on the leaves of the Oaktree and is known as oak galls. There are generally two types of Majuphala white gall Majuphala and green gall Majuphala. Majuphal is also known as Katalu Mayu, Quercus Infectoria, Machikai, Mayaphal, Machi kay, Majjaphala, Mayuka, Chidraphala, Mayuka, Malayu among other names. It grows up to 6 feet at a medium rate. It is mainly found in low lands, and mountain valleys. It requires moist soil. The tree bears monoecious flowers (either male or female flowers on same tree).

Majuphal is useful in wound healing due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces the risk of skin infection due to its antibacterial property. It also has an astringent property that constricts the skin cells or tissues and helps in skin tightening. As per Ayurveda, gargling with Majuphal decoction reduces inflammation of the throat and manage tonsilitis. It also helps prevent bleeding in gums and gives a cooling and soothing effect due to its Kashaya (astringent) and Sita (cold) properties.

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 6.4 × 6.4 × 10.8 cm
Vernacular Names

Dyer’s Oak Gallapfeleiche, Galleiche le chêne éorche Encona de la agalla galls di quercia, Majuphal Quercus infectoria Oak Galls, Mazuphal bilut sabghi Dar mazw Maajoophal Mayaphal Machakaai Machikaaya Majoophal Machikaai Māśikka Mājuphala, quercia del tintore eiken gallen, ververs eik ekgaller Xiàngmù dǎn dubovyye gally Mazu

Regional Names

橡木胆дубовые галлыمزو ، مزوفلبلوط صبغيدار مازوमाजूफलમાયફળமச்சக்காய்మంచికాయমাজুফলಮಾಚಿಕಾಯಿമാശിക്കमाजुफल


Warning: Do not exceed stated recommended daily dose. Food Supplements should not be used as a substitue for a varied diet

Caution: If you are pregnant, breast feeding, taking any medication or under medical supervision, please consult a doctor or healthcare professional before use. Keep out of reach of children. Food Supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet. Do not use if the seal is broken. Store in a clean cool place away from sunlight.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat , cure or prevent any disease.


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Ingredients: 100% Quercus Infectoria (Oak Galls / Magic Nut / Muphal)
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